Can we love each other for thirty years without the slightest conflict? According to Hannah and Blair Keeley, this is not a myth but the reality! The couple claims not to have had a fight once in thirty years of marriage. A feat !

It is a real record and the proof that a love is capable of lasting forever. Hannah and Blair Keeley are both 53 and have celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. For the couple, this longevity has never been marked by conflict, on the contrary.

The two lovers, although having admitted to having once been angry with each other, maintain that their communication skills have always preserved them from a real argument.

A permanent adjustment

“Relationships are a skill, not a gift” declared the couple in the columns of the English newspaper Metro. “Our parents both have healthy, long-standing relationships,” they said. “We learned the do’s and don’ts from watching them.” Between the two partners, parents of seven children, communication has always been vital. Hannah and Blair first met during their freshman year at Furman University in Greensville, South Carolina, in 1986. It would take three years for the friends to become lovers. However, despite the spark, the long distance complicates their budding story.

A power partnership

For her graduate studies, Hannah moves to Columbia and Blair goes to work in a press agency in Saudi Arabia. Faced with geographical separation, the couple copes by regularly sending each other letters. Finally reunited, they married on December 21, 1991. From their love were born seven children: Kelsey, Katie, Kyler, Karis, Korben, Klara and Kenna. Despite the stress and turmoil in their home, Blair and Hannah say they have never raised their voices against each other “You yell and yell at the easiest target available: your spouse” they noted. For them, marriage is a “power partnership” where they seek to “fight on the same side” rather than set themselves against each other. And when the situation gets complicated, they make sure to share their feelings, their expectations and start a real conversation “An argument is there to expose something. If you resort to fighting, you both lost,” they advised.

Affirm love not anger

Another crucial point according to the duo: body language “Closed in a posture, the other feels attacked. Big moves, it feels unimportant. Looking down, he feels embarrassed or ashamed. Looking up, he feels confused,” they analyzed. According to them, it is important that partners do not go to bed angry, sleep tends to promote the reinforcement of memories “Anger towards your spouse can easily turn into belief if you do not manage the thought before the bedtime” they explained, inviting to “Always affirm the love you have for this person even if there is no resolution”. Although the couple received some ironic remarks from third parties about their way of handling crises, they concluded, philosophers “Perhaps the best thing you can do for your marriage is to believe that harmony in this partnership is not only possible but easy to achieve”.

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