Lizzy first met her partner, Nikki, when they were both working in the ambulance. For Lizzy, it was love at first sight, and she quickly understood that it was mutual.

People meet and fall in love in all kinds of strange and unusual circumstances. And Lizzy and Nikki’s story is proof of that. The two women meet for the first time in the back of an ambulance. For Lizzy, it’s love at first sight. In the days that follow, they exchange a few e-mails on work matters, then meet again face to face. They then lose sight of each other and do not speak to each other for almost a year… before being placed together again and completely by chance in the back of an ambulance.

They fall in love in an ambulance and decide to buy one

Sitting next to Nikki in the ambulance, Lizzy works up the courage to tell Nikki how she feels about her. This is where she confesses to the one who confided her feelings to her that she had already done some internet research on her during their email exchange, and that she found her very pretty. Phew, love at first sight is mutual. “We had a really good day at work and had a long chat on the way home,” Lizzy told the Mirror. Following this, the two young women regularly send each other messages and ask to be put into service together. It was in 2016. Today, Lizzy and Nikki are still in a relationship and accumulate projects. The two young women bought an ambulance together which they transformed into a motorhome. “We have traveled a lot, all over the UK so far.” But they intend to go even further with their favorite vehicle. “This ambulance means so much to us. Not just in relation to our work, but also in relation to our relationship,” says Lizzie, recalling their funny meeting. And if they are not yet engaged, the two women have already planned to drive the ambulance to arrive at the ceremony!


Lara T.
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