Experiencing a beautiful encounter and making a new start, Bobby Channell and Faith Crouch, two American forty-somethings who hadn’t really been spoiled by life until then, no longer believed in it. And yet… In 2003, Bobby, who lived with heart failure detected as a teenager, received this pithy medical diagnosis: “Your heart is at an end, you must put your affairs in order. You have three months , maybe six to live.” First stunned by the news, this salesman decides to fight.

Over the next eighteen years, he will defy all odds by successively having a defibrillator, a pacemaker and a myriad of other devices designed to maintain his heart rate. Eighteen years gained against six months announced, what a snub addressed to death! As if to congratulate him, life then sends him a very nice gift: after almost two decades, his name finally makes it to the top of the transplant list.

“Every day we supported each other, we cheered each other up”

On January 13, 2021, Bobby receives a new heart. Then he goes to recover at Nora’s Home, a place created in Houston by a non-profit organization, the Nora Foundation, which offers transplant patients “a home away from home”, before and after their surgery. This is where he will receive a second gift: his meeting with Faith.

Born with cystic fibrosis, this 39-year-old secretary went through three different transplant lists until she received new lungs in September 2020. She, too, is a resident of Nora’s Home. Between her and Bobby, the magic happens… While he is recovering from his operation, Faith is still in the recovery phase. The two patients are installed in rooms at each end of a corridor. “My family was often there with me during this convalescence. The first time I saw Faith, I went to tell my mother: ‘There’s a girl here, she’s really cute,'” says Bobby. At the bend of a rehabilitation appointment, he approaches her…

“The more we saw each other, the more we liked each other. We don’t want to leave each other anymore”

And Faith falls under his spell. “Every day, we supported each other, we cheered each other up when things were not going well. And the more we saw each other, the more we liked each other. We started going out together”, confides Faith with a smile. “That’s when I found faith again,” adds Bobby, laughing at his pun (“faith” means faith in English). Since they got their breath back, our two lovers have only one desire: to carry out the rest of their race to happiness together, hand in hand. “We don’t want to leave each other anymore,” says Bobby. Faith adds: “Yes, impossible not to be together now.”

TESTIMONY. “We fell in love during our convalescences”

Bobby Channell and Faith Crouch © YOUTUBE KHOU 11

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