Two sisters left Internet users perplexed after declaring that their two sons were brothers, cousins ​​and twins at the same time… The reason is surprising!

Brittany and Briana are identical twin sisters. And what could be more original for them than to marry… two identical twin brothers? One then marries Josh, and the other Jeremy, with whom they decide to have a child. Their babies, two boys, were born just a few months apart. The small Jett and Jax are therefore both cousins, genetic brothers and quaternary twins.

They are cousins ​​but share the exact same DNA thanks to their parents

Brittany and Briana meet Josh and Jeremy in 2017, at a festival for twins. Six months later, after an express romance, the two men propose to their respective girlfriends. They therefore get married at the same time, on August 5, 2018, and even decide to live in one and the same house in Virginia. Inevitably, for the two sisters who have always done everything together, getting pregnant at the same time was simply a logical sequence. When they learn of their pregnancy, a few months apart, they are more than delighted.

Today their two baby boys were born and netizens were left confused over Brittany and Briana’s claim about their two sons. How can the two babies be cousins, brothers and twins at the same time? As The Sun explains, Jett and Jax actually share the DNA of their fathers and mothers, who were all twins. “Identical twins share the same DNA”, tried to explain a user. So inevitably, if two sets of identical twins become parents, then their children also have identical DNA.


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