Kimberley is 38 and still a virgin. However, in 2019, she gave birth to a baby girl. And she is far from the only one to have experienced this exceptional adventure.

Kimberley Godsall is 38 years old. In February 2019, she gave birth to a little Scarlett… without ever having had sex. Kimberly is indeed a virgin. You don’t understand anything about it? To get pregnant, the Brit spent more than $21,000 on fertility treatments across the Atlantic. And she is not the only one to embark on this funny adventure.

A doctor attached to one of the British fertility clinics told the New York Post that he had already treated three women who were still virgins and who dreamed of conceiving a child. “One was a career woman and was too busy. I don’t think she gave herself the opportunity to explore her sexuality. All of these women were well balanced and mentally prepared,” he says. Kimberley wanted to save herself for the man she would marry, although she was not a believer.

Woman becomes pregnant with a baby girl without having had sex

“I realize that’s a romantic outlook on life, but from an early age I knew that even though I wanted children, I only wanted to have sex with the person I was going to marry” , explains the young mother. So when she was 25 she found herself single, she felt like she had failed. A few years later, the young woman feels her biological clock ticking. “As long as I can remember, I’ve dreamed of being a mom,” she said. “I couldn’t bear the thought of living my whole life without ever achieving that dream of having a child.” So in 2017, she selected a sperm donor online and had herself artificially inseminated. This first procedure fails, but Kimberley does not give up. She finally got pregnant in 2018.

Today, little Scarlett is 3 years old and the mother-daughter duo is inseparable. Kimberley said she wanted to make her little girl a big sister by having another baby. But, as a single mother, she is unfortunately not financially able to do so. Maybe someday…

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