Invited on the set of It starts today, last November, Ophélie came to tell her moving story. At the age of 17, she was raped during a party with friends. At the time, one of her friends was bored and ended up inviting some boys over. A party of which the young woman has no memory, except that of having drunk a beer and waking up the next day on the sofa. In the months that followed, Ophelia withdrew into herself and wrote a lot. Without knowing why, she feels “a deep sadness and a very present desire to shower”. Six months later, she decides to have an IUD inserted but must take a pregnancy test before. And there, it is the shock because she is six months pregnant.

At this point, Ophelia still can’t realize: “For me, it’s nonsense. It’s really a gag.” Her attending physician then explains to her that she is denying her pregnancy. After an ultrasound, she is given the date of conception and her mother makes the link between it and this famous evening. For the young woman, the trigger comes when she begins to have “horrible nightmares” where she relives the scene. Then come the sensations of pregnancy: “I realized that I was pregnant when I had the first blows, and I was scared.” Accompanied by the Departmental Center for Social Action (CDAS), she understands that she has most certainly been drugged with GHB without her knowledge.

Born of a rape, the boy gradually discovers his story

If Ophélie thinks of having her son adopted, she finally decides to keep him. But getting to know her baby is difficult, however: “At the maternity ward, they put him in my arms. I did skin to skin but I felt nothing. It took me six months to want to go to him. It took me a while to like him but now we are very close. A boy she baptizes Leo: “For the record, it means strength and courage.” Supported by her mother, the young woman now decides to go there in stages to talk about it with her child, now 8 years old: “One day, he said to me ‘Mom, do you know my father ?’ I tell him no. ‘Did you get hurt?’ I say yes to him (…) Another time, he came back from a weekend at my parents’ and said to me ‘I love you, you are my dad and my mom.'”

TESTIMONY Victim of pregnancy denial after a rape, it took me a long time to love my son


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