Lauren Evens had the scare of her life! This accustomed to the scalpel could no longer breathe or speak after her lip injections.

Lauren Evens is a fan of cosmetic surgery. The young woman, originally from Chester in England, has had regular lip injections for four years. A habit that almost killed her. As she told the Daily Mirror, the mother-of-one suffered an allergic reaction after a touch-up: “My lips looked like a baboon’s buttocks. They swelled up to six times their normal size. It was very painful . I went into anaphylactic shock. My neck swelled up, which means my airways were closing up.” Panicked, the pretty blonde quickly went to the emergency room.

“I waited six hours in the hospital. My lips started to swell when they gave me an antihistamine. I fell asleep but when they woke me up to give me more they said that they were getting bigger and bigger. It was scary. I couldn’t close my mouth and it was hard to speak. My lips were really sore and I felt bad. They quickly injected me with a dose of adrenaline and it worked,” Lauren said. The 29-year-old woman had the habit of doing touch-ups every six months. According to her details, she had even received less than a milliliter of hyaluronic acid this time.

“I won’t do any more injections for a while”

Arrived at 10:30 p.m., Lauren did not leave until the next day in the afternoon. Returning home on antihistamines, the Englishwoman had to wait three days for the swelling to go down: “We don’t know why it happened. Apparently you can develop an allergy to something at any age and at any age. any time.” A misadventure that marked her a lot: “I won’t be doing any more injections for a while. I’m going to do an allergy test to see what I’m allergic to. I don’t know if it’s because of the hyaluronic acid or numbing cream but the idea that it could happen again is terrifying. I do injections to boost my confidence. I will never stop people from having them but I will tell them to be careful.”


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