38-year-old nutritionist Nicole’s first encounter with “Marcus” was via a direct message on her Instagram account. The handsome Adonis with the dazzling photos is a marine engineer, and his Instagram bio is charmingly narcissistic: “I’m not for everyone, and I think that’s very good.” Nicole who, apart from her two children, is alone in life, willingly enters into the discussion. She doesn’t regret it: in addition to a good physique, the man turns out to be charming and full of attention.

But very quickly, his speech changes tone. He wants to come to her house for Christmas, meet his family. He even becomes heavy when he suggests to her, after a few days, to get married… “At that moment, I knew it was a kind of scam: we barely knew each other! I I immediately blocked”, explains Nicole. But “Marcus” doesn’t let go, and tries to blackmail her: if she doesn’t send him €6,000, he will transform the swimsuit photo she sent him into a nude, and make it public.

“There are hundreds of fake profiles attached to my name. It’s crazy”, regrets Alessandro

Nicole refuses to give in to this blackmail and moves on. But a few months later, the portrait of “Marcus” comes back before his eyes thanks to the Instagram algorithm. This time, the snapshot is attached to an account in the name of Alessandro Cinquini. This 35-year-old ex-officer, now in charge of surveillance of the seas, turns out to be the real person behind the image of Apollo who had seduced her. She decides to contact him.

To her surprise, Alessandro lives in Miami, an hour from her home, and he knows that scammers are using his photos to scam women. “I know there are hundreds of fake profiles attached to my name. It’s crazy,” he laments. After this atypical introduction, but carried by promising exchanges, the two Floridians meet in January. At first, Nicole is on her guard. But what does he like! It’s reciprocal.

“Some women may have sent money to a scammer because of my darling’s profile!”

“He is physically pleasant, of course, but he is also very caring, very funny, while being serious in his way of approaching life. A pearl!” Enthuses the forties. Today, Nicole and Alessandro are officially a couple. For Nicole, it remains difficult to go out with a man whose photo is used by “heartbreakers”.

“One evening we went to dinner and an angry woman approached him. She blamed him for ghosting her! Some may have sent money to a scammer because of his profile. All this represents a danger to Alessandro.” But, Nicole is ready to pay the ransom. Because this time, it is that of love.

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