Becoming a grandmother at 33 is possible, as evidenced by Kelly Jackson, an Englishwoman now 37 years old. The young woman experienced the joys of childcare relatively early in her life since she became a mother for the first time at the age of 15, giving birth to twins, Jade and Jasmine, now 21 years old. Kelly Jackson is also mum to Harry, 14, Jasper, 8, and Zachary, 5. And when her youngest was only four days old, the young mother had a monumental surprise when she learned that Jade, one of her twins aged 17 at the time, was pregnant with her first child. At 33, Kelly Jackson therefore became a grandmother for the first time. Since then, the young woman has had other grandchildren since Jade had her second child a year later, and Jasmine followed in stride by giving birth twice as well.

“My mother also had me at 17, so we are a family of young mothers”, confides Kelly Jackson in the columns of the Mirror before adding: “It’s not a bad thing!” For the young grandmother, it’s time society stopped pointing fingers at having a child early. “I’m worried about the stigmatization of young mothers and teenage mothers, but it’s so outdated all that, it has to change!”, She says before adding, about her family: “I think that we have all succeeded in breaking the stigma, we have all done well and our partners like the fathers of our children have worked very hard to support us”.

A surprising situation

One thing is certain, this situation tends to surprise others. “When I tell people they’re my grandchildren (we think they’re his children, editor’s note), the response I usually get is a gape, followed by ‘it’s not. true, you’re lying’ and they tell me that I look like I’m barely 25 years old”, laughs Kelly Jackson before adding: “There are a lot of shocked reactions, but my girls are used to it now and laugh about it”.

TESTIMONY They think I'm the same age as my daughters but I'm already a grandmother


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