Can we maintain a fulfilling social life without consuming a single drop of alcohol? Danielle Shearsmith, a young mother, chose to stop drinking once pregnant… and never resumed. A decision strongly criticized by his relatives and subscribers.

It is synonymous with parties, relaxation, good times, letting go. Insidiously, alcohol has become “cool”. Whether in movies, series or simply in real life, few people do not opt ​​for the famous “little glass” since there is always “a good opportunity” to toast.

Danielle Shearsmith is a young mother who goes against the current of these societal injunctions. If during her pregnancy, the young woman stopped all alcohol consumption, she also made the choice not to resume after the birth of her child. A decision strongly criticized and commented on by other mothers…

A redesigned lifestyle

When she got pregnant, Danielle Shearsmith immediately changed her habits. A balanced life, a healthy diet, a personal trainer to stay in shape throughout pregnancy and a complete break with alcohol. If this decision is widely acclaimed during the 9 months, it is more difficult to understand once the birth has occurred. Because Danielle wanted to pursue her new lifestyle and eliminate alcohol from her daily life forever. On her Instagram account, the young woman returned in more detail to the reasons that led her to make this choice. A choice not always understood and often criticized both by those close to her and by the other mothers who follow her.

Available for her child

During a live Instagram where she wanted to address the very important subject of mental health, Danielle had also called on her personal coach to come, too, to distill advice. During the conversation, the young mum said she was judged for giving up alcohol, with other mums not shy about regularly telling her she was “not fun”. Danielle revealed the three reasons that led her to this decision “I have a baby who is very demanding with me and I always want to be available for him” she began by explaining “When he wakes up at 2 morning, I want to be sober when I have to sit on the floor in his room. “I always want to make decisions with a clear mind,” she continued. “I try to be healthy and rest my body from alcohol, I don’t need it to enjoy myself. I have a personality for that,” she noted. Tired of constantly having to respond to criticism and explain her reasons, Danielle concluded her intervention with a “Do I judge others for their consumption? No ! So please don’t judge me! sufficiently self-explanatory.


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