This June day was a big day for Hollee Lynnea-Kolenda. That morning, at the town hall in Sarasota, Florida, the 23-year-old young woman, originally from Minneapolis, USA, entered into a civil union with Jackson Darnell, 25, her crush met two years earlier. . His goal for the morning: to join the Cafe Gabianno and its so romantic belvedere, under the arbor of which our lovers were going to receive, in front of their families and some friends, the blessing of the pastor.

In this month of June 2021, the Florida sun is particularly resplendent and the Gulf of Mexico, like the eyes of the bride, sparkles with all its rays. Hollee is feeling a little floaty. But she puts it down to emotion. However, when joining Jackson in front of the altar, his confusion worsens. “I kept trying to tell my husband that I wasn’t feeling well, but he thought I was joking”, she remembers in the comment of a TikTok post which has several million views and where we sees her, visibly tottering, grasping her husband’s hands.

“Baby poo went down my sister’s arm, down my dress!”

The pastor then begins to celebrate their marriage… But now Hollee collapses in the arms of her darling. “Are you okay?” he asks her, logically worried, gently fanning his sweetheart’s face. The young woman shakes her head, steps away from him, staggers to the balustrade of the belvedere, leans against it… and begins to vomit all her guts out in front of their guests.

“It was very hot, I hadn’t eaten or drunk anything all day, I was completely dehydrated,” the bride explains in a second TikTok post, where she reveals that she is prone to fainting due to low blood pressure. blood pressure and the low iron content of his body. Alas, the ordeal of our young bride is not over yet! “After I passed out, my sister, who was fanning her baby, came over to cool me off, she says. The problem? “The poo went down my sister’s arm, down to my dress… and I almost fainted again!”, she explains with humor.

The next day, the couple were able to take their flight to New York for their honeymoon

After a few glasses of water and a little sugar, the beauty wanted to continue the ceremony. She was able to join her betrothed and receive the divine blessing. Even better, thanks to everyone’s mobilization, Hollee, who had planned to fly to New York for a honeymoon right after the celebration, even miraculously managed to get her dress cleaned in time for her flight before the ” Big Apple”.

The next day, the couple finally got to pose for some proper wedding photos. On the Brooklyn Bridge, as if nothing had happened, Hollee immortalized, all smiles, her union in her immaculate dress! “We have to be positive. We can say that now I have a good wedding story to tell!”, concludes the young bride, laughing.

TESTIMONY. "The happiest day of Hollee's life turned into the loser's wedding"

Hollee Lynnea-Kolenda and Jackson Darnell © TIKTOK@HOLLINATOR1424

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