A young mother has been criticized by strangers about her parenthood. According to them, her facial tattoos would make her a bad mother. But Luna knows very well what she is worth.

Luna Bingham, 23, has the word “demon” tattooed on her forehead. But not only: an ax, a trident, a spider web and the name of his daughter adorn his face. The one who works in sales has indeed many tattoos on her body, just like her companion. But those present on his face visibly bother many people. Many, who think she is a former criminal, call her a “bad mother”.

Tattooed on her face and body, everyone criticizes her

“I’m not naive and I know that face tattoos are often associated with prison,” Luna tells The Sun. Strangers have already asked her how long she had spent behind bars. “I get negative reactions online daily, but luckily I’m holding on.” And fortunately the young mother remains strong. “Some people have even suggested that I might be violent. It’s frustrating because I always wanted to be a mom and I always knew I would be a good mom.”

Today Luna is trying to change people’s opinion about tattoos. “These tattoos give me so much self-confidence. I see it as a form of expression. What’s marked on my skin doesn’t make me a bad parent.” And if her little girl wants to do like her later, Luna won’t stop her. “She can grow up not liking tattoos, and that’s fine. But if she wants some, I’ll help her find a reputable artist. My main priority as a mum is to make sure that she’s happy and doing what she loves.” And that should be every parent’s priority.

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