Fearing that her family will face financial difficulties after her death, Melanie Finlay, who is battling terminal cancer, has confessed to being forced to save up to pay for her own funeral…

It is a doubly tragic story. That of a mother facing her cancer and a family facing their impending loss. That of a woman who, faced with death, must also fight for the “after”.

Melanie Finlay is battling terminal cancer that has spread to her bones, lungs, hips, knees and bone marrow. But if the battle is complicated, the 48-year-old mother is also fighting so that her family does not sink financially…

Living with a countdown

Melanie Finlay, 48, lives in Inverness, Scotland. Today, his fear is twofold: his imminent departure, and the fear that his family will encounter financial difficulties after his death due to the sharp increase in the cost of living. When she learns that she has metastatic cancer, she also learns that she only has 12 to 18 months left to live. Receiving a treatment, if the latter were to no longer work, the mother would be placed in palliative care. Since the announcement of her illness, Melanie receives a reduced salary from her employer and requests the Personal Independence Payment (PIP). Only problem, she had to wait six months for this benefit to be granted.

Don’t burden your family

Thanks to the reimbursement received from her PIP, Melanie was able to pay the remaining 1,400 euros for her wedding in April 2022. From now on, the young mother wants to devote the remaining money to the organization of her funeral. “I’m afraid Tom isn’t financially secure with Joseph because he’s going to lose a lot of money when I leave,” Melanie told the Mirror newspaper. per month in energy bills following the spike in gas and electricity price caps last month, but this is not their only concern, the cost of petrol being also due of her frequent visits to the hospital for appointments. Her husband Tom, has reduced hours and works from home to be able to care for her full time. In an attempt to help her, Melanie chose to use the money left over from their marriage and use it as a funeral fund “Because I don’t want my family to be burdened with the heavy cost of a funeral so early,” she concluded.


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