Abused by her alcoholic mother for years, Sara went through real hell. An ordeal that ended thanks to social services.

Sara describes her mother as a narcissistic, violent and alcoholic pervert. For years, the high school student from Villeurbanne in the Rhône, lived a terrible nightmare. “Three years ago, my sister and I were still living with her. My two older brothers had already left home. My mother (whom I now call my parent) terrorized us and beat us. Violence was a habit at home” she confessed during a writing workshop led by the ZEP (La Zone d’Expression Prioritaire). At the time, the 15-year-old was filled with fear and constantly had a lump in her stomach: “I had to hide the bruises all over my body when I went to college.”

At the time, Sara suffered from the mood swings of her parent who “went out to clubs every night to drink and see people”. The situation changed when one Christmas evening, the mother of the family tried to stab one of her sons. If the teenager went to her brothers at that time, she returned six months later: “My mother made us believe that she was being treated… and we believed it (…) but everything left as before.” His brothers and his godfather therefore decided to call social services and an investigation was officially launched. Sara and her sister were finally able to tell their ordeal to a judge who made the decision to place them with her brothers. After nine months, the duo moved in with their sponsor.

A forever broken mother-daughter relationship

Followed by an educator and a psychologist, Sara and her sister continued to see their mother during visits. But over time, the latter decided not to attend anymore. They were therefore definitively placed with their sponsor. “In my eyes, I was finally in my place. I regained my self-confidence. I had friends again,” confided the teenager. Today, she no longer has any contact with her parent, just like her parent who stopped giving her news, and never wants to have any more: “Parents are not necessarily good people. Giving life does not give all the rights, and does not excuse certain acts (…) We cannot forgive everything…”

TESTIMONY Struck by my alcoholic mother, I got out of it thanks to social services ©

Lara T.
Lara T.

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