Kyle Gordy, originally from Malibu, California, is a professional sperm donor. A job that prevents him from building a solid relationship.

Kyle Gordy was only 22 when he started donating sperm. At the time, the Californian was not very comfortable in clinics and wanted to have an eye on the use of his semen. The young man therefore decided to start his own account by promoting him on Instagram. And according to his secrets to Jam Press, nearly 1,000 women have contacted him to obtain his services. At the time of writing, the 30-year-old is “dad” to 47 children born in different countries. A number that will soon grow since ten other births are planned in the coming months.

Unfortunately for Kyle Gordy, his profession is not unanimous among the fairer sex. “Most women aren’t interested in going out with me. Even though I’ve dated women who wanted to get into a possible relationship, it didn’t work out,” he said. . And to add that he was resigned: “I assume my choice to donate my sperm but I realized that romantic relationships will probably never be the same for me again.” The young man hopes to find the person who will accept his job like no other: “It will take someone very special.”

Professional sperm donor: a controversial profession

While waiting to find love, Kyle Gordy continues to offer his sperm to those who wish: “The happiness I receive by doing this is the best feeling in the world.” In some cases, the young man achieves his gifts naturally, in other words through sexual intercourse. In addition to receiving photos of “his children”, he sometimes meets them in person. In terms of lifestyle, the 30-something eats organic food and does not consume alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine or drugs. A business he intends to continue. However, health professionals warn against this practice and advise going through a fertility clinic to avoid unpleasant surprises.


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