When Chloe Barnard wakes up in the morning, she sometimes thinks she is a child or a teenager. The Briton, from Melton Mowbray in England, regularly loses her memory due to a rare brain condition. In these moments, the 29-year-old young woman is convinced that she has been kidnapped by her fiancé, James, whom she has been dating for 9 years now. If her memories usually resurface within 24 hours, her partner is forced to calm her down with the help of her parents Trish and David. “I can be any age. I once thought I was 6, it was terrifying. Another time I was 16. I woke up and asked James who he was. was. He took me to work but I thought he was kidnapping me,” the Englishwoman told the Sun.

Chloe was diagnosed in 2018 after an evening at a bar with James and David during which she no longer recognized her fiancé: “I thought he was my father’s friend or his colleague. When my father left, I I thought he was a pimp that he had sold me to this man. I no longer knew how to drive. I locked myself in the car and called my mother. She explained to me that he was was acting my partner.” One night, the young woman fell back into childhood after an argument with her companion. At that time, she took him for a pedophile: “I tried to call the police but he took my phone. I didn’t want him to touch me. I grabbed a wrench to be able to hurt him if need be. He calmed me down, we called my parents and when I woke up the next day, everything was fine.”

A fiancé more present than ever

According to Chloe’s statements, the episodes occur approximately every two months. They usually trigger because of stress or lack of sleep. If we are to believe the details of the doctors, these memory losses would be the consequence of a CVA (cerebral vascular accident) that the young woman suffered at the age of 19 years. Today, the Englishwoman is doing her best to rest and stay as calm as possible. A difficult daily life: “I have to live with it but it’s something that destroys me. I can take up to a week to recover from it. James is managing the situation very well but it worries him. Me, I would have a hard time dealing with someone going through this.” Fortunately, she is in good hands!



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