After five years of marriage, this 32-year-old woman fell madly in love with one of her colleagues. An idyll that she managed to keep secret until her lover’s wife threatened to reveal everything to her husband. The 30-year-old therefore took her courage in both hands to tell the truth to the father of her 7-month-old son. But since this revelation, the latter requires a paternity test. Now finding herself in a delicate situation, she called on Deidre Sanders, the Sun’s appointed adviser. In her letter, the young mother explained the reasons which led her to move away from her spouse.

“My lover is my colleague and we are both deeply unhappy in our marriages. We have never made love – it’s an emotional affair, “said the 30-year-old. Over the years, her daily life has become burdensome as her husband was no longer involved in family life: “I am so exhausted from taking care of our son and from working. My partner does not help me financially. He changes his diapers and feeds him sometimes but that’s it. He gives me his share of the rent but refuses to contribute more.” The young woman is now looking for a solution to fix all this “mess”.

Is this emotional affair worth a divorce?

As usual, Deidre Sanders was very direct in her response: “This man is married, so even if he declared his love to you, unless he agrees to leave his wife, I I’m afraid he’s not available.” The counselor added, “Talk to your partner and explain why you were tempted to bond with someone else. If you want to fix your relationship, each of you has to put in some effort. Ask him to be the loving and involved father your son needs.” In the event of a divorce, the coach suggested that she fight for alimony: “Being a single parent is trying, but a stable home is better than an unhappy home.”

TESTIMONY Since I confessed my emotional affair to my husband he demands a paternity test


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