The story is hard to believe, as are all the accounts of the “near death experience”, these imminent death experiences that take victims to the gates of death before bringing them back to life. Some time ago, it was Dr. Lynda Cramer, holder of a doctorate in metaphysics and focused on the field of the paranormal, who told on a Youtube channel dedicated to near-death experiences what happened to her on May 6 2001. As she says, she began to “float in the living room” when she had just woken up, around 2am, to go to the bathroom. “I saw the scene unfold before my eyes, my husband at the time rushing towards my body and then two rescuers arriving. (…) I noticed that I was not breathing and that everything was very calm” .

Then showing the medical file in which a complete report of the famous night was made, Lynda Cramer explains that it is written that she was “clinically dead for a little more than 14 minutes”. The rescue operation lasted about 45 minutes before his body was placed on a stretcher to be transported to the nearest hospital. Only when her body was in the hands of the emergency services, Lynda Cramer explains that she suddenly found herself in a “field of flowers” observing “mountains at least 30 times higher than Mount Everest, lakes, a panoramic view that went beyond [his] peripheral view”. According to her estimate, she would have spent a year and a half in this field of flowers before ending up in another place.

Portraits of his encounters

The victim would then have discovered other places, each more dreamy than the other, while retaining the ability to take any form, to go to any place and to speak to the people around him. This experience took place while she was floating above her physical body, and would have lasted about 5 years according to her calculations. In order to tell everything that happened to her, Lynda Cramer wanted to write a book called Five Years in Heaven and in which she went so far as to draw some of the people she was able to meet during her near-death experience.

TESTIMONY. She is spending 'five years in heaven' after being clinically dead for 14 minutes

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