Jill Owens, a decorated police sergeant for Haverfordwest, saw her life fall apart upon discovering the truth about her partner. Indeed, Jill Owens, 54, thought she had found the perfect man in Dean Jenkins. The current passed very well between this policewoman and this businessman who seemed to be charming and prosperous. After two divorces, this mother of two children was certain that luck was finally smiling at her on the sentimental level. Their romance was perfect at all despite the fact that they lived quite a distance from each other.

Jill Owens lived in Wales and Dean Jenkins lived in London. Only, the small flame had been fed by incessant daily exchanges. Six weeks of relationship passed, and the couple enjoyed a romantic weekend in Italy. Five months later, Jill Owens and Dean Jenkins decide to start a family. Unfortunately, everything changes on November 1, 2006 when Jill discovers that her partner has been arrested. 4 months pregnant at the time, she was tipped off that Dean Jenkins was responsible for a series of armed robberies. Robberies worth £339,000.

A well-orchestrated lie

Jill Owens worked for the police for 17 long years. At the time of their meeting, Dean Jenkins offered men’s grooming products at Superdrug. In the Stolen Hearts podcast, Jill says she told her boss, Commissioner Amphlett, everything. This as soon as she learned that Dean Jenkins was part of a gang that attacked security guards. The latter delivered cash to building societies in Kent. The family of Dean Jenkins whom Jill Owens had met would also have hidden from him that he was already married.

TESTIMONY. "Police and pregnant, I learned that my companion was an already married robber"

TESTIMONY. “Police and pregnant, I learned that my companion was an already married robber” © Pixabay

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