For Gretchen Dillon, 36, and Michael Dillon, 63, age is just a number that doesn’t matter. Better, for the young mother, their twenty-seven years of difference, far from being an obstacle, are a real asset for their relationship, as for their little boy.

On the other hand, for the others, this age difference, far from being trivial, leads to many reflections. Michael, frequently mistaken for Gretchen’s dad or his son’s grandfather, prefers to laugh it off.

From friendship to love

Gretchen had just moved to Syracuse, Pennsylvania, ran into Michael regularly at their local supermarket. Over the course of their impromptu encounters, Gretchen and Michael become friends. The man, who is two years older than Gretchen’s mother, helps the young woman find her place in her new city, even offers her a free room and a job at the head of her Airbnb. As their friendship blossoms, Gretchen and Michael quickly realizing that romantic feelings are also developing, begin dating.

say yes to happiness

“I was upset when Michael and I first slept together because, in my head, I didn’t think I wanted to be with an older man,” market research analyst Gretchen told New York. York Post. “I took time, I accepted and now I’m happier than ever,” she continued. However, their relatives are less enthusiastic about their story, “shocked” by the twenty years separating them. “My friend tried to stop me from marrying her,” commented Gretchen. “She kept saying I was going to be widowed because he’s almost 30 years older than me. But I loved him and I didn’t care,” she continued.

A beneficial age difference

Michael, claims adjuster, for his part, believes that their age difference is a real plus. “She is extremely useful for the success of our relationship,” he said. “I’m much more stable and mature than I was in my thirties,” he said. Although the couple had to overcome a few hardships, none was related to their age difference. As the years go by, Gretchen affirms that she does not want a grandiose marriage proposal, or even a ring. But Michael chooses not to listen to her.

A rejected marriage proposal

In 2017, on Thanksgiving Day, Michael kneels in front of Gretchen, revealing a diamond to her, alone, without a ring. For this occasion, their whole family is present. “I was so upset that he thought he could propose to me like that. I said no, on principle, in front of his family. I cried all day the next day and we talked a lot,” said Gretchen. However, a month later, Michael who has learned the lesson proposes in a more intimate way.

A new family life

It was during a kayak trip in Florida, when the sun was rising, that the man repeated his request. This time, Gretchen agrees. After three years of relationship, the couple married in February 2018. Then deciding to start a family, Gretchen became pregnant three years later. “Michael couldn’t wait to be a father again,” she said. Indeed, from previous unions, Michael already had two children. In October 2021, a baby boy, Shannon, was born. When Michael walks with him, confusion is the order of the day. “People think I’m his grandfather but I laugh about it,” Michael said. Gretchen is overjoyed by this late fatherhood. “I think his age makes him a better father,” she confided. “He’s not as physically active but he’s more like a grandfather because he has so much more patience,” she explained. “I would tell any woman in my position that life is too short to be unhappy. If it suits you, go for it,” she concluded.

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