For all parents, the choice of first name is often a complex subject. Especially if they hope to find a name that stands out! For Brittany Davison, standing out certainly won’t be a problem for her son…

Indeed, the young mother has opted for a particularly original and unusual first name. By revealing it on social networks, Brittany did not expect to receive so many cruel messages…

A baby lion

“Just a name we liked!” said Brittany Davison in a video posted on the social network TikTok. Introducing her son to the whole of her community, the new mother thus clarified that she named the latter Seven Simba. A surprising choice that inevitably aroused multiple (and sometimes strong) reactions to the point that Brittany felt compelled to specify that if Seven did not like her first name growing up, he would be free to change it.

Free to change

In a second video, Brittany revealed the other first names that the couple had considered before opting for Seven Simba such as Teddy, Blu, Phoenix or Mowgli. Following its posting, one of its subscribers asked him, in the comments, for some clarification “Ok, Simba is a cute character but how did you find Seven (seven)? to which Brittany replied, “Seven is an important number in our lives, in our relationships, so it made sense!” “. Further, the young mother specified “We love it, just like the other children of my partner. Seven is more than welcome to change it if he wants when he’s older! “. Other people, however, were highly critical of their decision, one noting “There’s no way your baby’s name is Seven Simba…”, another pointing out “Are you kidding?! You really don’t…??? wow! » and a last writing « The poor child must grow up with this name the rest of his life. And you’ll wonder why he changed his name to Steven when he turned 18! “.



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