To be sure that the first name of their newborn will be unique and close to their tastes, some parents set their sights on the name of a person or thing that they particularly appreciate. But in this specific case, the parents have set the bar high…

Flower, season, favorite color… can be so many strange choices but in the case of this young man, the first name chosen is not only surprising but also very disturbing…

A disturbing symbolism

It was in a video posted on the social network TikTok, that the young man went to reveal the relatively strange first name his mother had given him. This disclosure took place as part of a challenge to answer the following question: “Your mother had months to think of your name and she named you? “. Completing this request, the young man, showing his birth certificate, revealed to be named “AK-47 Dylan” … the name of a firearm.

A scary name

Captioning his short clip a “Rare name check,” since he uncovered irrefutable proof in it, the video of “AK-47 Dylan” received a flurry of comments. Some people were particularly amazed that his mother was allowed to legally give him such a name. One wrote “This name would have been illegal in Australia”. A second pointed out “It’s the fact that they allowed it that is all the funnier”. The youngster admitted that people never use his full name and just call him Dylan “because it’s not scary”. Still, some people found it hard to believe. “I thought you were joking!” “Noted a subscriber. Finally, others compared his unusual first name to that of Elon Musk, X Æ A-12, even asking him, jokingly, if he had not been inspired by his mother.

TESTIMONY People are shocked by my name and wonder how it could have been accepted


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