Choosing the name of your future baby is a crucial step. To find the ideal name, some parents are inspired by pop culture. Like Stacey Pope and Owen Garrett who called their son Tommy Egan Garrett, after the drug dealer of the same name in Power, their favorite series. This character, interpreted brilliantly by actor Joseph Sikora, is as formidable as it is feared. Evidenced by the many people he eliminates in cold blood over the episodes. A detail that does not matter to the parents of the boy. They also let it be known that they fully assumed their decision.

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“My partner and I are huge Power fans and one of the main characters is called Tommy Egan, hence our inspiration for the name,” Stacey told The Sun. And to add: “He’s a great character with a huge personality so for us it was obvious to name our son after him. It’s an incredible series! To be honest, a lot of people have never heard of him as they have never watched the program but those who know find our decision incredible.” The mother also has three other children named Lucas, 9, Jasmine, 6, and Rocco, 1 year old.

TV ? A true source of inspiration

“Has anyone here named their child after a TV character or celebrity? Today we declared our youngest and he has a gangster’s name,” Stacey wrote. on Facebook. A publication quickly went viral, with more than 1,400 comments and more than 500 likes. Internet users reacted strongly. “Our children are named Tiberius after Captain Kirk in Star Trek and Tobias is inspired by several characters from the series. If we had had a girl, we would have named her Bellatrix,” said one person, while a second confessed: “My little boy is called Dexter in reference to Dexter Morgan.”

TESTIMONY Our son's first name is inspired by a drug dealer from a TV series


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