The facts date back to September 13, 2022 when Imed picked up his daughter, Maya*, from the Microstars crèche in Livry-Gargan. That same evening, while bathing, he noticed red marks on the baby’s body. Without waiting, he grabs his phone to take pictures and call his wife, Loubna. “I was not more panicked than that. I told myself that as she started to crawl, it was just small traces of friction” tells the mother to the Parisian. But the father of the family begins to question himself: “My husband remembered that our daughter was already ready, fully dressed when he arrived, whereas this is not usually the case.”

The next day is a shock. Loubna realizes that Maya is covered in bruises: “There was one also on the bottom of the right cheek.” Panicked, the mother goes to the emergency room. After auscultation, a doctor notes the injuries and attributes two days of total incapacity for work (ITT) to the baby. At the same time, Imed contacts the crèche to obtain explanations. The director of the establishment affirms that nothing happened. “Worse, she offered us a place in another crèche” assures the mother of the family. Perplexed, the parents decide to go to the Livry-Gargan police station two days later. They file a complaint against X for violence against a minor.

The nursery under investigation

Contacted by our colleagues, the director of the crèche did not wish to comment. For their part, Imed and Loubna are still waiting for answers to their questions. What happened to their daughter on September 13, 2022? The investigation, which was opened with the Bobibny prosecutor’s office, should shed light on this case. An event which should be the priority of justice according to the declarations of Me Philippe-Henry Honnegger, the lawyer of the family. Especially since the Microstars group has already been the subject of a complaint filed in 2021. For the time being, the investigation is continuing.

*Name has been changed.

TESTIMONY Our 7-month-old baby came back covered in bruises from nursery


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