How would you react when you learned that a colleague of your husband’s was openly flirting with him? This is the question posed by Amanda (assumed name). To get out of this unpleasant situation, the young woman sought advice from Coleen Nolan, the appointed adviser to the Daily Mirror. It all started when her husband went to his company’s Christmas party. “A woman with whom he spoke sent him an email to tell him that she had enjoyed their conversation and that she found him very attractive,” she explains. Confused, her spouse spoke to her directly about it: “He was surprised because their discussion had been brief.”

At the time, Amanda suggested to her companion to ignore her colleague’s advances. But the latter did not let go: “She sent him two other emails. In the first, she asked him a question about their work and in the second, she invited him to have lunch with her.” At first, the young woman found it “amusing” but over time, the situation began to bother her: “She must know that he is married and has children, but it seems that she l is in his sights. My husband assures me that he did not play his game.” Worried, the wife now wonders what to do.

A necessary clarification from the husband

For Coleen Nolan, Amanda’s husband should quickly make things clear with his colleague: “This woman has been very direct with your husband, so I think he should do the same. Tell him, politely, that “He’s not interested in a romantic relationship with her or anyone else because he’s happily married. If he’s embarrassed to talk to her face to face, he can email or text her. Hopefully she’ll stop.” In the event that she continues to flirt with her companion, the expert suggests that she contact her: “Perhaps you should send her an email so that she sees you as a real person and that she understands that he does not there are no secrets between you and your husband.”

TESTIMONY One of my husband's colleagues tries to seduce him


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