Married and mother of two children, the woman who testifies anonymously in the columns of Slate has long lived on a small cloud with her family. But since then, everything has fallen apart. “I am a married lesbian with children – two boys aged 9 and 11. I’ve been with my wife for 17 years,” the woman begins before adding, “We found a man who was going to be our sperm donor, and he ended up being part of the family. He is rich, kind, cultivated, generous, well educated and has traveled a lot. He loves us and loves our children. I’ve always sung his praises to everyone – I can’t imagine a better example of a father figure for my boys.” On the torque side, however, things are falling apart. The woman who testifies realizes that she is the only one to take care of the household chores and that she manages the most difficult aspect of raising the children. Moreover, she is the only one to support them since her wife does not work.

Result: tensions began to settle 5 years ago and for two years, the two wives have been in an on/off relationship. “I wanted her to change so we could be happy again! I really wanted her to realize that she had to make an effort to fix our relationship and avoid breaking our boys’ hearts by divorcing,” the woman explained before adding, “Instead, she later said that we had to reveal to our boys that we were no longer a couple. And the worst part is that she confessed that she had started a relationship with the father of our children.

“I never want to see them again”

A low blow that remains across the throat of the mother of the family. “Although I realize we’ve been on the verge of divorce for some time, and he knows we’ve struggled, his choice to say yes to my wife’s emotional need is the worst part of this betrayal!” she before admitting: “We had agreed to have an amicable divorce if it had to come to that, but if I have to listen to what I feel, I never want to see them again”

TESTIMONY My wife left me for our sperm donor


Maria T.
Maria T.

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