Peter (assumed name) thought he would end his days with his wife Jenny (assumed name). Unfortunately, fate would have it otherwise. A particularly difficult situation for the young man, who would like to win it back. “My ex-wife and I were together for seven years, married for five years. We have a child together. We have been divorced for eight months. I am trying to reconcile with her because she is the love of my life and I want our family to be reunited” he confided to Abby, the appointed adviser to the New York Post. The only problem ? Her son’s mother is now dating Mack (assumed name), her former best friend and best man.

“I was devastated when I found out,” admits Peter. And to add: “I tried to make it clear to Jenny that Mack is a manipulator, a liar and that he was not honest with her during their relationship.” The young man is particularly convinced that this story will lead to nothing: “I clearly know that I am the best choice for Jenny, our son and our family. But she continues to see Mack even though I showed her his true face. J I did everything to fix things between us and win her back.” Lost, Peter eagerly sought the advice of the expert: “What should I do knowing that she is making the wrong decision?”

Fixing a Broken Marriage, Teamwork

Very touched by this testimony, Abby expressed her compassion for Peter: “Receive my sympathy because it is obvious that you are suffering.” The coach also let him know that a reconciliation was going to take work, and not just on his part: “You can’t save your marriage alone. It takes two. Your ex is obviously not ready to accept the Mack’s dishonesty, and sometimes people have to learn the hard way. While you’d like to ‘save’ Jenny, she’ll have to make her own mistakes.” Finally, the expert suggested that she be patient: “Stick around to protect your son if things go wrong. If Mack is as bad as you say, their romance probably won’t last.”

TESTIMONY My wife left me for my best man


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