A completely haunting story. On TikTok, Yaya Kampen told how she was fooled by his ex-wife, who faked cancer. The latter was inspired by the book Our stars opposite (The Fault in Our Stars in English) written by John Green in 2012. The book traces the romance of two teenagers suffering from cancer. A story that the American did not know at all. As she explains in a video addressed to the author, it was only when the film was released, two years later, that she began to have doubts: “At the time, I was married to someone who was dying of terminal bone cancer. She only had a few months left to live. But watching the movie, I realized that the plot was almost identical to my wife’s life.

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Yaya very quickly became suspicious of his wife’s words: “Before our marriage, we had not known each other for a very long time because she was dying of cancer. But the coincidence was too big for me.” Without wasting a single second, the American read the book in its entirety. And then there was the shock. “Even the phrases you used, she used them daily. So it was your story that inspired her to fake terminal bone cancer, but it was also your film adaptation that got me hooked. tipped off to prove she was lying to me about her illness.” Playfully, the pretty blonde concluded, “Don’t worry, she’s still alive and well…so thank you?”

His wife suffered from a still unrecognized disorder

A testimony quickly became viral on social networks. Shocked, many Internet users reacted. “My jaw is on the ground”, “I was not prepared for this” we could read in the comments. In a second video, Yaya made it clear that his ex-wife suffered from Münchhausen syndrome, a pathology characterized by the need to simulate illness or trauma to attract attention or compassion. The American also indicated that she wished to protect the anonymity of her ex-wife: “Although this experience was traumatic, I really hope that she leads a more honest life and that she has received the help that she needs.” Still tested by this lie, Yaya learns to rebuild herself thanks to her loved ones and her new partner.

TESTIMONY My wife invented cancer based on a book


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