Stuck in an abusive relationship, Colton (assumed first name) sought the help of Deidre Sanders, sentimental coach for The Sun. In a letter, the 48-year-old explained that his wife, two years his junior, became violent towards him after consuming alcohol. “We have been dating for eight years and are both divorced. At the beginning, our relationship was fantastic but the disputes have interfered between us” he confessed. And to add that the situation had taken a dramatic turn over the years: “She can be really mean when she’s been drinking.”

Colton added that his partner could completely change her attitude: “After our fights, she tells me that she loves me like nothing happened.” A difficult day to bear. The 40-year-old also revealed that his wife had already raised her hands on him: “She punched me in a horrible argument.” Distraught, the man is now looking for advice to find a solution: “I love him but I started to protect myself and now we make love once every fortnight. I’m getting to a point where I don’t care if we get divorced. I don’t know what to do.”

A violent attitude due to alcohol?

Deidre Sanders deeply lamented this toxic marriage. The expert pointed to a worrying addiction problem: “Your wife’s alcoholism makes you unhappy. She will never admit it but her behavior is caused by alcohol.” For the British manager, it is essential that Colton has an open discussion with his wife. The goal ? Putting her pains into words and taking stock of the future of their relationship: “When she’s sober, explain to her how she behaves when she’s been drinking – that her behavior is aggressive and violent.” She also gave him resources to get help.

TESTIMONY My wife becomes violent after a few drinks


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