Twins but not too many! Lanaé and Lavell are adorable 4-year-old twins, born in April 2018. Like many fraternal twins, the two brothers and sisters do not display a great resemblance, especially with regard to the color of their skin. Indeed, Lanaé is very dark with dark skin, while Lavell is blond with a fair complexion. This is normal, you will think, since fraternal twins – also called dizygotic twins – come from two different eggs and each grow in their respective placenta. But Lanaé and Lavell have the distinction of having grown up in different wombs. Indeed, their mother, Jade Buckingham, learned at the age of 17 that she had a double uterus. A rare condition that considerably reduces the chances of having a child, not to mention twins.

Against all odds, Jade gave birth to her first child, Cairo, in 2016, before becoming pregnant with twins in 2017. A miracle for the young mother, who had already suffered four miscarriages. “I was very excited and at the same time I was scared because of my condition and the miscarriages I had already suffered (…) It was worrying to know them in two different wombs”. Despite the anguish, Jade Buckingham gave birth to two healthy babies at 34 weeks pregnant.

“Sometimes people don’t believe they are twins”

Two babies who soon became very different over time. “As newborns they looked alike, but after a few months their skin tone and differences started to show,” Jade told the Mirror before adding: “When Lanaé’s hair started to grow, I noticed she had beautiful dark curls and Lavell had blonde hair and a lighter complexion. Sometimes when we go out and people ask about them, they don’t believe they are twins and sometimes I have to show a birth photo.” And the twins also stand out on character. “Lanaé is a real little doll, very feminine, while Lavell is turbulent and full of energy,” adds the mother.

TESTIMONY My twins have different skin color because I have two wombs


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