In seconds, a bride has gone from the best day of her life to the worst. Online, the young woman told how her stepfather had managed the feat of ruining her marriage a few seconds before the ceremony.

This is a worst-case scenario that no bride-to-be wants to be subjected to. Months of work, research, involvement, attention to the smallest details, ruined in a matter of seconds. A story quickly summarized by Halle, the victim, on a Reddit forum.

The latter, devoted exclusively to negative stories, has nearly 250,000 and is positioned as a place linked to shame as to “wedding themes, brides, grooms, festivities, in-laws, guests, ‘Uncle Bob…’ offering those who take part a proper name and shame.

Three minutes to destroy everything

Halle therefore came to submit her wedding story to the votes of the users of this very special forum. In her post, titled “Three Minutes Set My Wedding Ceremony On Fire,” the newlywed bride recounted her stepfather’s gesture that helped destroy everything she had ever imagined. immature father rubbed my head,” she wrote. An almost banal gesture but which fell at a very bad moment and above all… “destroying the hairstyle at more than 300 euros which had taken three and a half hours to be finished” she added.

Between indignation and compassion

The young woman clarified that this gesture, unconscious or voluntary, had taken place only a few moments before she appeared in the aisle of the church. It was impossible for Halle to repair the damage so quickly or to bring in a professional to restore her hairstyle. Immortalized in the disheveled snaps, Halle received thousands of comments from other users, outraged and sympathetic to her misfortune. One noted, “He would shudder based solely on the terror my face would instill” while another wrote, “I would be shocked!” “. A third woman said, “I don’t think I would handle it well.” A sad way to think back to this beginning of life as a married woman…

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