This is the kind of revelation that is not all the rage around roast chicken on Sunday lunch. An Englishwoman confided that her daughter-in-law – in other words, the wife of her son – had recently confessed to her that she had slept with her husband. “This is my second marriage and my husband is ten years younger than me but only eight years older than my daughter-in-law,” the woman explained to the pages of Metro UK before adding: “My son thinks that They are happily married, but after having a few drinks at a family party, she told me her secret.” Obviously, the news was a real shock for this mother, as returned by the betrayal of her husband as by that suffered by her son.

“I was so upset that I left the party immediately and came home in tears with my husband chasing me asking what was wrong,” the woman said. Finally, the latter ended up acknowledging his misconduct. “When we got home I confronted him but all he could do was stare at the ground. He was so ashamed. He said it was just a one-night stand that happened late last year,” the woman said.

“I found a way to forgive him”

Finally, the mother of the family decided to forgive her husband, without being able to bring herself to do the same for her daughter-in-law. “I found a way to forgive her because I believe her remorse is sincere … but I can’t get over the idea that this girl is married to my son and that she betrayed in such a horrible way. I can barely look at her now and I always find excuses not to see her. My son keeps asking me what’s wrong, but so far I haven’t said anything because I know it would destroy him,” she explains.

TESTIMONY My son's wife confessed to having slept with my husband


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