During the pandemic, this woman made a discovery that profoundly changed her life. As she went through the process of diagnosing her son with Autism Spectrum Disorder, she began to realize that she shared many traits and characteristics with him. This led her to deep introspection and self-diagnosis. She was also autistic. Throughout her life, she often felt a difference, an awkwardness and a lag compared to others.

Autism was a relatively unknown concept to her and her family. Her mother always loved and supported her. But she never really understood why she felt different. During her son’s diagnosis, she began learning about autism. That’s when it all started to fit together and make sense. Her first encounter with autism was in 2014, when her son was diagnosed at the age of two. The pandemic has pushed us all to spend more time with ourselves. For her, who is naturally a homebody, this period has been more intense than usual. But in the midst of this enforced solitude, she discovered a valuable opportunity for self-reflection. This led her to her own revelation about her autism. One evening, lying in bed, a thought came to her: “I’m pretty sure I have autism…”. She doesn’t remember exactly what preceded this thought. But she remembers having Feeling a mix of restlessness and relief, the woman immediately set about seeking information, contacting healthcare professionals and talking to organizations for adults with autism.

She discovers she has autism through her son’s diagnosis

These conversations reinforced her self-diagnosis and confirmed what she already knew deep inside. Her journey to discovering her own autism has been a transformative and liberating experience. “Life is really starting to make more sense, and it’s brought me feelings of comfort, peace, and relief,” reports the Cafemom site. her past struggles and to connect more deeply with her son. Together they walk their path, hand in hand. However, it is important to note that self-diagnosis is not a substitute for a professional diagnosis. with autism, it is always best to consult a specialized healthcare professional for diagnosis and access to appropriate services and support.

TESTIMONY My son's autism allowed me to discover that I too have autism


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