One of the best days of his life has turned into a nightmare! Shortly after giving birth, this mother learned that her son had cancer.

Billie Jobling was over the moon when she became a mother for the third time. But when her son Isaac was born, the midwife discovered a worrying lump in his right testicle. “After his routine checkups, Isaac was taken to a children’s hospital in Bristol. He was only a day old. He had an ultrasound which was supposed to take 10 minutes but took an hour,” she said. 25 year old young woman at the Sun. If the doctors thought it was a torsion, they eventually detected a tumor in the infant. After a week of waiting, the baby underwent a three-hour operation to remove his testicle.

At the time, Isaac was diagnosed with a rare testicular cancer: a juvenile granulosa cell tumor. Prior to his, only three cases had been reported in England. “I didn’t even know a baby could be born with cancer. It was a horrible shock. You can’t imagine something like this could happen to you or your child. I kept asking ‘Is he going to die?’ “Revealed Billie. According to the doctor’s details, the cancer developed during pregnancy and in the mother’s womb. Fortunately, the baby’s surgery was a success: “They managed to remove everything because it had not spread.”

A post-cancer medical surveillance set up

Isaac, now 7 months old, now goes through scans and blood tests every three months to make sure the cancer doesn’t come back. A precaution that will last until its 5 years. “Isaac shouldn’t have any long term effects. Lots of boys and men only have one testicle and it doesn’t affect their fertility at all,” Billie said. his son’s story is to raise awareness about testicular cancer and encourage mums to get screened: “It only takes a few minutes and it’s very important.” Today, the little tip de chou is in good health and he has regained his smile.



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