Throughout the pregnancy, doctors told Shelly Wall that her baby boy would not survive. Ten years later, young Noah Wall is the pride of his parents. The latter have in particular shared their testimony to the Mirror about a recent feat of their boy. After Noah was born, the medical team detected the consequences of a porencephalic cyst in his brain. The doctors had therefore informed Shelly and Rob that their son would never walk, talk or eat without assistance.

Noah was born in March 2012 with only 2% of his brain, spina bifida and a rare condition, hydrocephalus. This causes the appearance of water in the brain and can be particularly dangerous. As a real little fighter, Noah had recovered 80% of his brain from the age of three. The doctors were left speechless. If the little boy makes his parents happy, taking care of him is also “a daily challenge”, as his mother explained. “I’m also disabled,” Shelly said. Before adding: “I have a rare form of arthritis called Still’s disease, which limits movement and causes pain. But that doesn’t stop me, and that’s what I teach Noah. He never asks why I’m different or gets upset when he fails to do something. »

A brave little boy who has now recovered 80% of his brain

Learning-wise, Noah doesn’t learn like other kids his age, but he recently learned to read a whole sentence. The doctors had however predicted that he would be “a vegetable” wanted to call his mother back. More recently, the boy managed to get up for the first time. “My little miracle looked so tall, his hand proudly resting on the handle of his wheelchair, beaming as he saw the world like other kids his age,” Shelly Wall said. “I’ve never had the slightest doubt that Noah can achieve anything he wants. Even despite the grim warnings he’s been given all his life. “, added the mother. “Noah is proof that anything is possible with hope and that’s a great lesson for all of us. Shelly recalled. A magnificent testimony that has upset Internet users.

TESTIMONY My son was born with 2 of his brains


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