This mother is currently at odds with her son after refusing to give him his engagement ring.

Engagement rings are very precious objects and usually hold sentimental value. Carol (assumed name) is one of the people who do not want to part with it. To the chagrin of his son Sam who would have loved to offer it to his fiancé Emily. “Sam explained to me that giving him my ring would allow him to start his marriage without having any debts. He added that Emily loved the style of my ring and that she would like me to leave her as an inheritance” thus wrote the mother on the Reddit forum. Today, she finds herself in a delicate situation since she refuses to give up her jewel.

“I love my engagement ring. I’ve worn it every day since my husband proposed to me. To be honest, I want to wear it until I have gray hair” said clarified Carol. And to add that her jewel was not a family heirloom: “My husband chose and bought this ring for me so I want to keep it.” Sam and Emily resented the rejection: “My son told me I was selfish and materialistic. Emily was disappointed. She told me she hoped my ring would become a heirloom and symbol that I accepted him into our family. They also told me that I could keep my wedding ring so that I didn’t end up with nothing to wear.”

The Web criticizes the attitude of the son

Shocked by the behavior of Sam and Emily, Internet users did not hesitate to give their opinions under the post. “What’s next? He’s going to ask you for all your savings so he doesn’t start his marriage in debt? If I were Carol, I’d be wondering what I did wrong when I raised this self-centered guy He should grow up instead!”, “You know what’s selfish? Claiming someone else’s property because you’re too stingy to buy it”, “What a bunch of spoiled brats!” we could read in the comments. A few days later, the mother of the family republished her publication, admitting that her companion supported her decision.



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