A grandmother has come under fire online after claiming her son lied about the birth of her baby. The latter had insisted too much on organizing a baby shower as soon as she left the hospital.

Nicole*, a brand new grandmother, has revealed her heartbreak after discovering that her own son – and daughter-in-law – hid the birth of their newborn baby from her. The reason ? The young parents wanted to spend as much time as possible alone, in their cocoon. And especially far from Nicole who was trying at all costs to organize a birth party for the baby as soon as he left the maternity ward. As reported by the Mirror, the grandmother is now strongly criticized on social networks.

She learns of the birth of her grandson two weeks later

“When my daughter-in-law got pregnant, I suggested throwing a welcome party for my grandson right after he was discharged from the hospital,” Nicole told internet users. “I made arrangements, and even emptied a room, for them to stay at home afterwards. But she was against it and said she preferred to stay at home for several weeks with her newborn baby.” Nicole’s daughter-in-law categorically refuses to participate in any baby shower. His son simply replies “we’ll see”.

But a few days ago, Nicole discovers that her daughter-in-law gave birth… almost two weeks ago! The two lovers have not spoken to anyone to make the most of it together. “My nephew told me about it and I immediately called my son who confirmed it. He and his wife lied and then hid the date of birth from the family. I told him it was not acceptable, lying just because they didn’t want a welcome party,” Nicole said. “I told him I was disappointed because he had ruined the welcome we wanted for our grandchild. We had a fight and he ended the call saying I had ruined his joy for her newborn.”

For her part, Nicole is lost and absolutely does not understand the reaction of her son and daughter-in-law. Internet users, they have quickly put it in its place. “A welcome party is a great way to expose a newborn to all kinds of illnesses during a pandemic. You have no right to put that child in danger,” said one. “What new, young mother wants to come home from the hospital and be immediately thrown into a party with her in-laws?” another added. “You need to relax or you’ll be asking us here in a few months why your son isn’t contacting you anymore.”

*Name has been changed

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