A young woman has experienced one of the worst tragedies: the loss of her child. In full mourning, his pain was rekindled by the choice of his sister. Indeed, the latter chose the same first name as her deceased baby for her child. On the American forum Reddit, the young woman says: “Three years ago, I gave birth to a little girl who only lived for 19 hours. It was a traumatic experience, and still today, I suffer from this loss. The death of our baby led to my breaking up with my ex-boyfriend, as we were no longer able to be together. “A difficult testimony that deeply upset Internet users.

The couple had baptized their little girl Coraline, with the middle name Iris. “They were just two first names that we really liked. “, confided the young woman. Mourning, she could never have guessed that her sister was going to select these same two first names to name her child: “Iris Coraline”. “She just reversed my daughter’s two names. If she had only taken one and used it as a middle name to honor him, I would have had no problem with that. But now, it looks like she did it on purpose, and the fact that she hid it from me makes it even harder. “, she launched on the social network.

A real trauma for the young woman after the loss of her baby

When she learned of this choice, the young woman wanted to confront her sister. “She got upset, told me that she found the first names very pretty, and that I had no right to be upset, because she had reversed the order. We argued, and I came home crying after insulting her. A conflict that adds even more to his pain. At the same time, her other family members did not support her. “This choice of first names makes everyone uncomfortable, but several of my relatives think that I went too far by going to yell at her while she is recovering from childbirth. My mom says it’s too late to change anyway, and that I should see it as a way to remember my daughter’s names. “, she shared. Let’s hope for the young woman that she will manage to recover from this terrible ordeal.

TESTIMONY My sister stole the name of the baby I lost at birth


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