An absolutely unpleasant situation. This is what an American has been going through for some time. The reason ? Her sister is currently in a relationship with her ex-husband. Visibly annoyed by this unexpected rapprochement, the young woman from New Jersey in the United States, sought the advice of an expert. She told her story in a letter sent to Jeanne Phillips, the appointed adviser to the New York Post. “I have been divorced for 18 years. My sister is also. Recently, she started dating my ex. He picks her up from our parents, where she lives. And when I am there, I have to endure that” she confided.

A position in which she is very uncomfortable. Especially since his family does not react: “My parents do not tell him anything about it, and I do not know why. When I was married to him, they always told me that they did not love him Now that their other daughter is dating him, they keep quiet? Furious, the young woman made a radical decision concerning her sister: “It bothers me deeply so I stopped talking to her. I have the impression that she stabbed me in the back and that she does not only cares about herself. How can I bear it? It torments me. I need your opinion.”

“Your sister will get a lesson sooner or later”

For Jeanne Phillips, this situation is very regrettable: “You and your ex-husband have been separated for almost two decades. Surely your family knows the reasons. That your sister shows such poor judgment to the point of dating him is sad.” The expert is convinced that karma will soon strike the young woman’s sister: “Your sister will get a lesson sooner or later.” Finally, she suggested that he distance himself and seek outside support: “One way to overcome all this would be to spend less time with your parents and to make an appointment with a psychotherapist to help you. manage your pain.”

TESTIMONY My sister is dating my ex-husband


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