It all started with infidelity. Mia (not her real name) cheated on her husband, Jason, and realized he was her sister-in-law’s sports coach, Emma. When the latter caught them kissing in a bar, she did not hesitate to blackmail him. “She called me the next day telling me I had two choices – she could either call Jason and tell him I was unfaithful, or I could buy her silence,” the young woman testified on 9Honey. At the time, Emma was in serious financial trouble due to the bankruptcy of her jewelry business, so she took the opportunity to bail out her coffers by asking her brother’s girlfriend for money.

“Emma simply bribed me. I gave her a large sum of money that I recently inherited from my father. In exchange, she promised never to mention my affair,” confessed Mia. A few weeks later, the young woman separated from her lover. An extra-marital affair that she intends to keep secret, for fear of breaking up her marriage: “I decided to change my life and make sure that I do my best to save my relationship, hoping that Jason will not never find out what I’ve done.” Today, the latter is afraid that her sister-in-law will end up letting go: “My destiny is in her hands.”

Tell the truth to end the blackmail

If Mia openly admits her wrongs, she now lives in permanent anguish: “I know that I got what I deserved and that I should stop feeling sorry for myself. I deserved this backlash because, after all , i’ve been cheating and i’m ashamed of myself i realize i did wrong but i also think emma is a horrible person for blackmailing me what kind of person pass the money before his brother while knowing the truth?” In the comments, many Internet users encouraged the young woman to confess everything to her companion, Jason, so that her sister-in-law no longer had influence over her.

TESTIMONY My sister-in-law blackmailed me when she discovered that I had cheated on her brother


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