It is a story as morbid as it is incredible. Melissa Moore, a 43-year-old woman, is known to be one of three children of notorious serial killer Keith Hunter Jesperon. The latter was a Canadian-born trucker who killed at least eight women in the United States between 1990 and 1995. Better known as the “Happy Face Killer” or “The killer with the happy face”, because of the drawings of smiling faces that he sent to the police after each of his crimes, this serial killer claimed to have taken the lives of… 185 people, while he was only charged and sentenced for 8 homicides.

At the end of September, Melissa Moore shared a letter her father had written to her from his prison cell in Oregon on her Tiktok account. And the least we can say is that the publication went viral, with more than eight million views in a few days. If the letter began in a rather sympathetic way with: “Remember above all, my daughter, that I never stopped loving you”, the rest was grim to say the least.

Melissa Moore’s father claims to have killed… 185 people

The mail was accompanied by a photo of the young woman on her wedding day. Perplexed by how Keith Hunter Jesperon was able to obtain this shot, Melissa Moore did not make a big deal out of it, concluding that he may have had access to his Instagram account. The rest of the letter, it is she who tells it: “In the letter, he says that I am fat and that my husband is fat. In addition to having expressed doubts about the durability of my marriage”.

The least we can say is that Melissa Moore has always been very embarrassed to have a serial killer biological father. “In 1995, after his arrest, I was deeply embarrassed and ashamed.” Forced to change schools and tell her friends about her father, she was followed throughout her life by a psychologist. Her story has upset her subscribers, who keep reminding her that she has nothing to do with her father.

TESTIMONY. “My serial killer father sends me filthy letters about my private life from his prison”

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