There are many sources of inspiration when looking for a first name for your child. Movies, series, flowers, celebrities… Some parents draw their ideas from very specific themes. Others prefer to honor a deceased relative instead. A choice that is not always unanimous. Witness the declarations of Zoé (assumed first name) who reproaches her sister for having called her son after their father who died a few years ago. “I was touched by the gesture but I also thought it was a little too early to give a baby the name of someone who has just died” she says on Reddit.

A particularly difficult situation for Zoé to bear. “I think it’s disrespectful to my father’s memory,” she admits. And to add that she’s not sure she can get used to the idea: “It will be hard for me to see my nephew has the same first name as my father.” The young woman therefore decided to confront her sister, asking her to reconsider her decision: “I suggested that she could find a different name for the baby. She got really upset and now she doesn’t talk to me anymore. The other members of my family are also angry with me for talking about it.”

“Your father would probably be proud”

In the comments, many users criticized Zoe’s attitude. In particular the fact that she constantly says “my father” rather than “our father”. “Her baby, her choice. Seriously. I’m sorry for your loss. I think in time you will respect and love this choice. Maybe your emotions are raw and clouding your rationality. Take care of yourself and maybe see if you can go to bereavement therapy,” one user said, while a second said, “You don’t have a say. Your dad would probably be proud of someone wearing his name. If it bothers you, it’s something you have to sort out yourself.”

TESTIMONY My nephew bears the first name of my deceased father and I find it disrespectful


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