A mother-to-be shared her testimony on the community social network Reddit. She explains that she is pregnant with her first child and shares her joy of soon being able to meet her baby. However, her choice of attendants for the delivery room caused a scandal in her family. The young woman has never been close to her mother. She shared that she wished to be accompanied by her grandmother and her mother-in-law. “My grandmother is like a second mom […]. She’s my best friend. “, she explained. “My fiancé’s mom will be there, she and I have an awesome relationship. I really hit the mothers-in-law jackpot,” she added. Unfortunately, his decision angered his mother.

Even if the choice of companions belongs to her, the young woman suffered criticism from her mother. However, she explains that she is surprised by this reaction. “I never thought my mom would consider being there because if we’re together too long we fight,” she said. According to her mother, it’s like ‘slapping her’ for not allowing her to come to the delivery room. The scandal broke during the baby shower organized by the future parents. “My mom’s family are texting me saying I’m a horrible girl,” she shared.

A scandal broke out in the family

Internet users on Reddit shared messages of support for the mother-to-be. “It’s your decision. And besides, your whole body will be exposed. No one should dictate to you who should be in the delivery room, except yourself,” replied a user of the social network to reassure her. “You are the one giving birth and your opinion is the only one that matters. You need people who are going to support you and help you. Anyone who puts you down and criticizes you, or tries to pressure you or control you, shouldn’t be there.” shared another. If this scandal taints the pregnancy of the young woman, there is no doubt that her meeting with her baby will make her forget this difficult period.

TESTIMONY My mother is angry with me because I prefer to have my grandmother and my mother-in-law in the delivery room


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