When it comes to planning a wedding, most couples spend hours going over every detail making sure that nothing on their special day will interfere with their happiness. However, no matter how much time is spent planning, it is impossible to control everything, especially when guests choose to do as they please.

A young bride found out the hard way when her “toxic” mother-in-law showed up for her big day in a custom-made white dress, surprisingly justifying her choice…

A deliberate choice

Speaking to Reddit, the bride spoke at length about her misadventure. “When I got married, my mother-in-law went to a designer and got a custom-made white dress for my wedding,” she wrote. “She could have chosen any other color but no,” she added. “Close to the date she told me not to worry because she had a purple shawl for the pictures so it wouldn’t get in the way. Just for the pictures though,” she pointed out.

A carbon copy dress

Not only was the dress white, but the cut was, in every way, consistent with that of the young woman. “Her dress is much more expensive than mine,” said the bride. “It’s okay, but she kept mentioning how much she paid her,” she said. “All she kept saying was that not wearing white was out of fashion and white was the only color that looked good on her,” she continued. Due to her stepmother’s behavior, the young woman was forced to spend hours on her wedding day explaining the situation to her horrified guests.

Inappropriate remarks

“My sister-in-law is getting married in February. I wonder if she will wear white for this wedding too because apparently it is the only color that works” she quipped. While most Reddit users criticized the mother-in-law for daring to wear white to her son’s wedding, others urged the bride to “leave now” before things got even worse. “Whenever she wears non-white clothes, notice that she was right in saying that no other color flattered her” suggested a first person. “Don’t you know that your marriage is everything to her? “joked another person while a third added” When I got married, I wore my mother-in-law’s wedding dress. It was ivory satin, very pretty. She told everyone that I was “too cheap to buy my own dress”. She was one of ten guests at our wedding and wore ivory, like my dress.”

TESTIMONY My mother-in-law wore a custom-made white dress to my wedding


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