This mother found herself in a frightening situation when her stepmother openly put her daughter’s life in danger by giving her a food she is allergic to.

Getting along with your in-laws is not given to everyone. Even more when it puts its grain of salt everywhere. Nadia (assumed name) recently paid the price. As she recounts on the Reddit forum, her mother-in-law blatantly ignored her daughter’s allergies by giving her a cookie full of allergens. However, the mother had already told her that her child was allergic to peanuts, eggs and that she could not eat dairy products or bananas. That day, the young mother let her mother-in-law watch over her offspring despite her reluctance, but the situation quickly turned into a nightmare.

Nadia explains that she was woken up by her mother-in-law’s screams. Her daughter couldn’t breathe and her lips were blue: “I told my mother-in-law to call an ambulance and used an Epipen auto-injector pen on my daughter who was able to take a deep breath.” Confronted by doctors, the stepmother confessed to giving her granddaughter a peanut butter and banana cookie. Later, the granny also told her son that she wanted to prove that the child had no allergies. A habit that had lasted for more than a year: “She made big batches of cookies, froze them and gave them to my daughter as soon as she could.”

A radical decision taken against the mother-in-law

Completely devastated, Nadia reported her mother-in-law to the police. A restraining order was issued against him but the family was forced to move because the latter did not comply with this restraining order. Unsurprisingly, internet users lent their support to the mother of the family. If some were not surprised by the attitude of the grandmother, others were deeply indignant. “I can’t understand why some people test to see if someone is really allergic to something. What would be the benefit of lying about your child’s allergies?” we could read in the comments.


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