By having lunch with a family member, it is logical to think that your hosts will take your dietary needs into account, especially if certain foods are to be avoided due to an allergy that can prove to be dramatic.

A young woman, however, had the unpleasant surprise to discover that her mother-in-law seemed to ignore her requests “without dairy products, soy, and eggs” while she was breastfeeding her baby allergic to these ingredients…

Foods prohibited on the menu

Speaking to the Mumsnet site, the young woman, annoyed and amazed, returned to a recent stay with her in-laws and in particular to the behavior of her mother-in-law. “We are staying at my in-laws for a few nights (no more thank God)” she wrote, on condition of anonymity. “I must not take dairy / soy / eggs (I am breastfeeding my little one who is allergic)” she continued. However, for the first dinner, her mother-in-law brings to the table a lasagna dish containing the forbidden foods.

Deprived of food

Thinking of an oversight, the young woman cooks her own meal. But the next day, she notices that there are pizzas and buttered rolls for lunch, pointing out that they had been buttered in advance so that there was not a single plain one left. “Not once did she check what I could eat or ask what I was eating or apologize for what she had prepared,” she fumed. “Fortunately, we stopped at the supermarket on the way because otherwise there would literally have been no food for me,” she said.

A deliberate act

Annoyed by the behavior of her mother-in-law, the young woman wondered about her behavior. “She knows about allergies, it’s nothing new. We have already stayed with them and in addition, I had sent a text message a few days ago with a nice reminder. “Am I unreasonable to think that she does this on purpose? she wondered. “I gritted my teeth, sorted out but these lunches looked like a bad joke. Would you say something? she asked the other members of the site.

Dangerous behavior

Of course, many people thought it was deliberate, not least because the lasagna dish had set the tone for the visit. “I would refuse to go back there” affirmed a first person in comment. Another shared a similar experience. “Every time I go to dinner, I am presented with the only vegetable that I do not eat. I’ve said it countless times, as has my husband. Yet he is still there,” she noted. “We don’t know if it’s on purpose or not, but I know that if the roles were reversed, I would remember it,” she added. Another person suggested asking her husband to intervene with her mother by saying, “You know she can’t eat that right? Is there anything she can have? “. A final person pointed out that it didn’t bode well for her child’s future if she deliberately ignored her allergies. “The well-being of a child is in danger, and as dramatic as it may seem, you must get this message across,” she concluded.

TESTIMONY My mother-in-law deliberately ignores my allergies


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