Linda* was excited about the arrival of her wedding until her mother-in-law advised her to get rid of her wheelchair to look more harmonious in the photos of the ceremony.

Marriage is supposed to be one of the happiest days of our lives. But when the in-laws get involved, the celebrations can quickly turn into a nightmare. Linda* notably paid the price when her mother-in-law gave her unsolicited advice. “I’m getting married in four months. I use an ambulatory wheelchair. I have a bit of mobility but nothing more so I thought I’d save myself the fatigue of the next day by using my wheelchair during the day J. My future mother-in-law is trying to make me change my mind by telling me that I will regret it by seeing the photos again, “she said on Reddit. According to her words, the mother of the future husband therefore suggested to her to get rid of her wheelchair for part of the day so that she looks “pretty” in the photos taken during the ceremony.

Hurt by her mother-in-law’s words, Linda told her to “mind her own business”. She took it very badly since her own fiancé labeled her a “bridezilla” [a perfectionist and tyrannical bride-to-be, editor’s note]. “To be honest, I’m pretty upset about the whole thing. I feel like she acted like my chair was something to hide, or worse, something ugly. I told her I’ll do this what’s best for me,” she confessed. Annoyed by the reaction of her daughter-in-law, the mother of the future groom told her that she was too “susceptible” and “excessive”. In the rest of her testimony, the young woman explained that her wheelchair had always been a sensitive subject and that she simply did not appreciate the implication that she would be more beautiful without it.

Internet users advise him to keep his wheelchair

Under the publication, many Internet users came to the defense of Linda, stating that she was not at all wrong in this story. “People with disabilities get married, some of them even use wheelchairs, walkers and crutches. A few years ago we decorated the father of the bride’s crutch and everyone loved it. His dad played along. He told us his crutch had never looked better,” wrote one redditor, while another added, “Your wheelchair is an extension of your body and her asking you to get rid of it is mean and cruel. Your future husband should be ashamed for not telling his mother to keep her sh*tty opinion to herself.”

*Name has been changed.


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