During the first confinement in the United States, Ryan (assumed name) had a violent argument with his mother. The reason ? She tried to get rid of her dog. “When I was 15, my father died in an accident at work. Dax was his dog. He adopted him from a shelter when he was still a puppy. We’ve had him since I was 11, so he’s important to me. In 2020 my mum started dating Anthony and they just got engaged. Anthony wanted to move in with us but the problem is he is allergic to dogs. My mum told me that We were going to get rid of Dax. It wasn’t even a question. For her, it was already done,” he wrote on Reddit.

Saddened by the situation, Ryan attempted to explain to his mother that he felt connected to his late father through Dax. But the latter did not want to hear anything: “I fought so much with it that I cried. No one wanted to adopt Dax and I had to beg my paternal grandfather to take him because my mother was going to Drop him off at a shelter. The problem is my grandfather lives an hour away and he can’t do physical activities like taking him out, feeding him or taking him to the vet.” At the time, the 18-year-old decided to move in with his grandpa by continuing his studies remotely. A decision that did not please his mother.

“I’m happy with my dog”

When Ryan announced he was leaving, his mother scolded him for abandoning her for his dog: “She got angry saying she and Anthony are my family. I told her Anthony is not my family. I have my problems with him, he keeps saying that he is my new father and I don’t like that (…) My mother tells me that I am an unworthy son. She ask to come back and stop being cruel to her but I’m happy with my dog.” In the comments, Internet users encouraged the young man to “live his best life” with Dax. They also criticized the mum’s attitude: “What she is doing is horrible because she is trying to impose a new family on you without your consent.”



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