It is a frankly unusual slogan that appeared on December 15, 2021, on one of the billboards of the most famous intersection in New York, Times Square. Above the portrait of a young blonde woman is the following message: “Date my daughter Molly!” It is a certain Beth Davis who is at the origin of this posting. Molly, it’s his daughter. She is 30 years old, she is single and Beth absolutely wants her to find a soul mate quickly.

“My mother decided to settle me!, explains the young woman, laughing. The meetings that I have been able to do so far have not resulted in a lasting commitment. It does not stress me, but my mother does! ” The reason for this “obsession” is to be found in Beth’s medical status. Suffering from breast cancer since 2004, she underwent numerous chemotherapy sessions. And, in June 2020, his oncologist told him that his cancer, which had become metastatic, was attacking his bones. Fearing that her time is running out, this 61-year-old mother, a former pharmacist, is then invaded by an uncontrollable anxiety: that of leaving her daughter alone.

Cancer-stricken Beth wants to leave knowing her daughter is ‘in good hands’

More than anything, this mother wants to leave knowing her daughter is “in good hands” and therefore wants to see her get married before it’s too late. “Considering my serious health problems, this is an emergency,” she explains. With Molly still unable to find anyone and the urgency calling for action, in November 2021 Beth creates, with her daughter’s consent, a profile on a new dating site called Wingman. She also introduces herself and explains her approach.

This pretty mother-daughter story touches the founder of the site, who decides to help them and offers them to install a billboard 15 m high in Manhattan’s most famous square, extolling the merits of the pretty thirty-year-old. With, under the photo of the young woman, of course, a link to her dating profile. On December 15, 2021, when the mother and daughter discover the advertising poster in the middle of Times Square, they are excited like never before.

“It is in his eyes his last mission for me”

“When we got out of the taxi and discovered the huge poster, it was crazy!, says Molly, who has since received many requests. I was a little embarrassed, of course, but above all I found That’s funny. My mother was so proud of her… I leave it to her to filter the profiles and the messages. I trust her judgment. And then, you know, it’s in her eyes. her last mission for me. It means a lot to her. So it also means a lot to me,” says the young woman who still hasn’t found her prince charming at this time.

“We loved this crazy experience, concludes Beth. Most people only have fifteen minutes of fame, but we had a full month!” The greatest love is that of a mother, they say. Regardless of the outcome of the search, Molly will forever wear Beth’s. And will never be alone.

Beth Davis and Molly © FACEBOOK BETH DAVIES

Lara T.
Lara T.

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