A terrible betrayal! Wendy (assumed name) was on a business trip abroad when her relationship broke down. “I left my keys with my boyfriend so he could come to my house and feed the cat – we both chose it when we started dating,” she began, in her letter sent to Coleen Nolan, the British journalist who writes heartfelt mail for the Daily Mirror.During her stay, the 29-year-old received a message from a plumber who needed access to her flat to carry out repairs. Since she could not reach her boyfriend, she asked her mother to come to her house.

“When my mother arrived there, she surprised my boyfriend in bed with another woman. It was horrible, she yelled at him asking him to leave,” Wendy said. daughter in question. A real blow: “I feel completely humiliated and very bad for my mother. I haven’t realized yet but I ended my relationship with my boyfriend. He keeps calling and texting me. He uses the cat to haggle – apparently he wants to see her and he misses her.” Completely lost, the young woman does not know how to react to this situation and apprehends the reactions of those around her.

“You made the right decision by leaving him”

Coleen Nolan urged Wendy to be cautious: “I think your ex-boyfriend is using the chat to get back into your life, you can clearly see that so don’t be fooled.” If the expert understood her feeling of shame and her fears about those around her, she wanted to reassure her: “I can promise you that they just want to help you.” The journalist concluded by criticizing the behavior of her former partner: “Bringing this girl home to have sex with her in your bed is incredibly despicable, cruel and arrogant of her. You made the right decision by leaving her. Don’t shut yourself up step and remember that you, and the cat, are much better off without it.”



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